Inplace CM to a Place Change CM

Who doesn’t love a good makeover! Our Asset Team have delivered a major overhaul, converting an Inplace CM to a Place Change CM. The awesome transformation included not just a major mechanical and electrical overhaul, but also:
✔️  Addition of tri-intake ducting system over cutter boom, adjustable to suit ventilation requirements
✔️  Single scrubber with dual exhaust exiting out the bumper for machine production flexibility
✔️  Upgraded wear plate and runner package to reduce downtime
✔️  Cutterhead drum and conveyor system upgrades for increased tonnes
✔️  Standardise components across the fleet
This beast is the first of three Place Change CM’s for the Crinum Mine Operation, with the next ready for action within months. These customisations will improve safety and usability for our teams to in turn, improve performance. A massive call out to our Asset Team and those on the Crinum Mine who helped to deliver such a high quality product to the operation.

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